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BY's 2019 Week 6 WPIAL Football Player Of The Week: Naman Alemada (South Fayette)

Updated: Jul 10

Naman Alemada has been leading the way as quarterback for the South Fayette Lions.



Name: Naman Alemada

School: South Fayette

Sport: Football

Position: Quarterback

Class: 2021

Claim to Fame: Alemada threw 6 touchdowns and 398 yards in a 42-7 win over Knoch in Week 6.

Questions & Answers

Your team is currently first in your section with a 4-0 section record. So far this season, what has your team done right?

Naman Alemada: "We’re playing really well on both sides of the ball. Our defense has been dominant causing turnovers and not giving up many yards. Offensively, our line is dominant and opens up a lot of holes in the running game and is great at pass protection. They allow the rest of the skill players to make the big plays that we do."

Your team goes on the road next week to play Highlands. What does your team have to do to win that game?

NA: "We just have to keep doing what we’re doing. We need to have a good week of practice, trust the game plan, and play our game on Friday."

Recently, it seems that South Fayette has produced a lot of quarterbacks. Do you have any idea why quarterbacks do so well at South Fayette?

NA: "The players around the quarterbacks are definitely a big part of that. South Fayette may be known as QBU, but we always had great receivers and some amazing running backs that have come through as well. With all the talent that we have, it makes the quarterback's job a lot easier."

Who do you think is your biggest competition in 4A?

NA: "TJ is our biggest competition once again this year. They’re currently the only undefeated team in 4A right now and they have a lot of returning talent from last year. It was a great game between us last year and I’m excited to play them again."

As a quarterback, tell me some of your strengths.

NA: "I feel like I do a good job of spreading the ball around to all of our receivers and getting all of them involved. I also feel like timing and anticipation are two of my strengths as well."

As a quarterback, tell me some weaknesses that you have, that you are trying to fix.

NA: "I tend to make bad reads or force bad balls to my receivers because I always feel confident that they can make a play. I also need to work on red zone situations because too many of our drives tend to stall near the goal line."

How was your high school homecoming?

NA: "I didn’t go; but I heard it wasn’t very good."

Who is your favorite NFL quarterback?

NA: "I would have to say Ben Roethlisberger, just because I have watched him my whole life and he has made so many memorable plays during that time."

Tell me something that people would be surprised to know about you.

NA: "I didn’t start playing QB until 8th grade."

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