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Taylor Hall On The Yotes

Taylor Hall plays against the Arizona Coyotes during his time in New Jersey.

Source: CBC

As Taylor Hall will play his first game on Thursday as an Arizona Coyote, we all have to realize that this trade gives the NHL more media attention. Hall entered tonight's game with 25 points on the season as he led the Devils with points before he left.

The fact that the Coyotes were currently seeded number one in the Pacific Division without Taylor Hall, has to make NHL fans believe that they can only be better from here on out. Going in today, the Coyotes leading scorers are right winger, Clayton Keller and center Nick Schmaltz. They both have 23 points. Adding Hall on the team adds another weapon that can make plays, create more assists and possibly score more goals.

Anytime there is a star player on a professional sports team, there is always a high chance that the team can make more money due to fans wanting to see that star player play. Coyotes tickets seem to be very affordable as a single person can attend the Coyotes game on Thursday against the Wild for at the minimum of $25. However, that price can go up or go down. Now, with Hall on the team, do not be surprised if ticket prices go up and do not be surprised if you see a lot of people wearing "Hall Coyotes jerseys" around Phoenix.

Sporting leagues are like businesses, the more drama or news that happens, the more money that they make. For example, the sports media outlets definitely made more money when LeBron James decided to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018 or when Kevin Durant decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors in 2016. After the signings of these two athletes, the more articles that were written about these signings, the more people that would read these articles which resulted in the companies making more money. Sports media outlets have to love the Taylor Hall trade because they can write about it and a lot of NHL fans would want to read the breakdown of how the trade happened.

The Coyotes now have a former NHL MVP on their team as Hall won the Hart Memorial Trophy as the NHL's most valuable player in the 2017-18 regular season as he scored 39 goals and contributed 54 assists on the Devils. That is a grand total of 93 points.

This year, the Coyotes are one of the teams that the media are not given a whole lot of attention. To me, you can compare this team 2019-20 Coyotes team to the 2018-19 NBA team, Denver Nuggets. The Coyotes can continue to do well for the rest of the regular season and not get as much attention compared to other teams. For all of my NBA fans, Denver played well the whole regular season, last year, and even including the playoffs. However, to me, they still didn't get as much attention compared to other teams that didn't do as well last season like the Los Angeles Lakers, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Utah Jazz.

Anyway the addition of Taylor Hall on the Coyotes is making the whole NHL realize that this team is trying to win a Stanley Cup right now and not later.

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