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My Top 20 Favorite South Park Characters

Recently, I have had a lot of time free time. However, I would also say that I have gotten a lot of work done when it comes to helping my parents out and getting things done that I have needed to do for myself. In my free time, I have managed to continue to watch South Park episodes. South Park is one of my top five favorite TV shows and I decided to think about which characters are my favorite. So, I decided to make a list of my "Top 20 favorite South Park Characters. I even decided to make my own interpretations on some of the characters.

20. Kenny McCormick

The fact that Kenny cannot talk clearly because of his hood covering his mouth kind of bothers me. The fact that he has died in almost every episode can get kind of annoying. If the audience wants to know what he is saying, we get the translation of his mumbling of what he is saying from another character.

19. Clyde Donovan

Clyde seems to be a character that I could be friends with in real life. However, I feel like I need to see more of him on the show to be ranked higher on this list. I feel that when Clyde gets to high school, he would be one of those kids that would just be decent at sports, but manage to get all the girls that he wanted. He seems to be the type of kid that would steal your girlfriend or cheat on his girlfriend.

18. Craig Tucker

Craig seems to be that type of kid that looks at the negative instead of the positive. However, the fact that he can call you out for something that you are doing can make me laugh once in a while. One of Craig's most memorable moments on this show is when the Asian girls wanted him and Tweek to be a couple and literally everyone at South Park thought they were a couple. He seems to be that type of kid that grows up and dies because of depression. I am just saying.

17. Stephen Stotch

If Stephen Stotch was my dad, I would literally be a rebel and do the opposite of what he would tell me to do. The fact that he is your typical dad that grounds you for some stupid reason is a good representation of most of the early 40-year old fathers in America.

16. PC Principal

PC Principal is the type of guy that would be the life of the party at a fraternity party. The dude can definitely drink alcohol out of his mind and is not afraid to have sex with any hot girl that he sees. The fact that he wears sunglasses indoors makes me not take him as seriously. The dude is not afraid to yell when he wants to. He is definitely your "Frat Boy" that you would rely on to get you alcohol for your freshman college party that you are having inside your dormitory.

15. Mr. Slave

The reason why Mr. Slave is number 15 on my list is because of his popular phrase that he says, "Oh, Jesus Christ." The way that he says his most popular phrase is so funny to me it is incredible.

14. Ike Broflovski

Ike is your typical baby brother that annoys you, but you love anyway because of how little he is. He was adopted by the Broflovski's from Canada. The way that Ike knows a lot of things that most five year old children don't know is kind of funny to me.

13. Jimbo Kern

Jimbo Kern is your typical Republican citizen that is pro-gun. He could be described as a redneck who is not afraid to say what is on his mind, but you can respect him for being a redneck. He seems to be the type of guy that would be grilling some nice hotdogs and hamburgers on the 4th of July. If you asked Jimbo who is favorite NFL quarterback was, he would probably say Steelers quarterback, Devlin "Duck" Hodges.

12. Jerome "Chef" McElroy

Chef can get any girl that he wanted and he wouldn't even have to try. He seems to be a character that could be considered a "sex symbol" if he really tried hard enough. The fact that he is not afraid to help people and give people advice makes him a good person. He would definitely be a good father if he actually had any children.

11. Token Black

When Token gets to his senior year of high school, he would definitely be on his class's homecoming court. Token is very rich, and the fact that he does not brag about how much money makes him a good person. Token is also musically gifted as he can sing, dance, and could probably play some instruments. He is the kid that will get the lead at your school's Spring Musical. With how much Eric Cartman has been stereotypical towards Token, it is shocking that Token has not punched him. If Cartman and Token lived in real life, Cartman would basically be sued for all the racist things that he has said to Token.

10. Gerald Broflovski

You look at Gerald and you think you could beat him in a fight. However, I feel that if you ever messed with him, that he would use his knowledge involving the law to ruin your life or get you in trouble. One of his most memorable moments is when he got surgery to make him look like a dolphin.

9. Marvin Marsh

The fact that Marvin calls his own grandson, Stan, with the name of "Billy" is so funny to me for no reason. He seems to be one of those grandfathers that would wake up in the middle of the night and scream that the Japanese are coming. I think he is a war veteran, but I'm not too sure. I think he is so funny because of the fact that he is a rebel and he does not give two craps about what people think of him. This man does not live by the law and he is a leader for future jerks that would not mind breaking the law. The dude can definitely smoke too.

8. Butters Stotch

Let's be real. Everyone has that one gullible friend that believes in everything that you say and Butters is that friend. Sometimes I feel bad for what Butters's friends do to him because of how naive he is. He is not afraid to be nice to people and make new friends. He seems to be that type of person that can be the nicest person in the world or the craziest person in the world depending on how he is feeling.

7. Mr. Garrison

The fact that Mr. Garrison went through a sex change, talks to a puppet, and became a different version of Donald Trump are reasons why he is ranked very high on this list. He is the type of elementary school teacher that teachers would either love or simply just dislike.

6. Kyle Broflovski

Kyle is a type of character that your best friends with at school, and then one bad thing happens and you do not talk to him for a week because of something stupid that happened. He is known as Stan Marsh's best friend. He is also a good big brother as he is always protective of his little brother, Ike.

5. Stan Marsh

I honestly think that Stan is the main character of the show. He is the character that represents most American grade school children. His parents have gotten divorce, he has played sports in school, he has an annoying big sister, and has a very old grandparent that lives with him. To me, it seems that a lot of my friends have one grandparent that lives to live so long that it is insane. Anyway, Stan is also the type of person that can easily make friends in which there are some instances in which some people do not like him for no reason. He seems to be the kid that dreams of becoming rich when he grows older and knows what it takes to have a good job. My interpretation might be a little too descriptive. He seems to me like the type of kid that gets good grades in school and then he takes a test for one class and does so bad that he either almost gets a B+ in the class or get an A- in the class. Stan Marsh is the representation of an American grade school student. Every boy has a favorite NFL team that they adore and Stan's favorite NFL team is the Denver Broncos. He definitely bleeds the orange and blue.

4. Mr. Mackey

Mr. Mackey is number four on this list because of his phrase "Mmmkay." There have been times that I have spent time practicing saying "Mmmkay" in Mr. Mackey's voice because it is so funny. Mr. Mackey is the type of school counselor that you would want to have because of how funny he is. He is more of funny that helpful, but to me that would be fine by me.

3. Towelie

I have never smoked weed before, but if I ever did, I would smoke with Towelie. The fact that he thinks getting high is the solution to every problem is funny to me. He has even been on the Oprah Show. The fact that he is a talking towel is a big reason why he is number three on this list. He has become one of Randy Marsh's best friends and is business partners with him at Tegridy Farms. I like how Towelie has been seen more frequently on the newer South Park episodes.

2. Randy Marsh

Randy Marsh is the definition of a democratic father and the definition of an American father. Randy is not a perfect human being as he has embarrassed himself too many times in public. The dude has been got caught drinking and driving, have gotten into fights, and was even caught masturbating to porn in front of other people. The way that he acts like he did nothing wrong, but knows that he did is a big reason why he is number two on this list. Randy does not think before he acts and to me that is really funny. The dude has a lot of friends and seems to be the leader of male adults in South Park.

1. Eric Cartman

Eric Cartman is the G.O.A.T. This is the funniest dude on the show. He does not give a flying crap of what you think of him. He acts so tough, but when you try to touch him, he cries like the biggest baby on Planet Earth. He is not afraid to take advantage of people and is not afraid to swear to his mother and other people. The dude is constantly trying to start trouble that it is so funny to me. All he wants is attention and all he gets is attention. He will say anything and do anything that he wants. The dude is a savage.

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