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Derrick Davis Jr. Has Every Dream Offer Imaginable

Derrick Davis Jr. celebrates after making a play during a Gateway Gator football game.

SOURCE: Derrick Davis Jr. (Twitter)

Derrick Davis Jr. is considered one of the best WPIAL football players in the Class of 2021. He has already won two WPIAL football championships in his high school football career. He won his first WPIAL football championship in 2017 when his Gateway Gators defeated Penn-Trafford in the WPIAL 5A football championship game by a score of 21-16. Derrick was only a freshman at the time. That 2017 Gateway football team also made the PIAA 5A football championship game and lost to Archbishop Wood by a score of 49-14.

Then this past WPIAL football season, in 2019, Gateway defeated Peters Township in the WPIAL 5A football championship by a score of 21-20. The Gators would then lose to Archbishop Wood again in the PIAA 5A football semifinals by a score of 24-21. Derrick is currently a junior and the fact that he has won two WPIAL football championships in his first three years of high school football is impressive. Davis plays both safety and running back on Gateway's football team and is also a sprinter on Gateway's Track & Field team.

Derrick has been able to post a 38-6 record in his high school football career and he has been able to play well under three different high school quarterbacks. When Derrick was a freshman in 2017, Gateway's starting quarterback was Brady Walker, who was considered one of the WPIAL's best quarterbacks. Then, the following year in Derrick's sophomore year in 2018, Gateway had a new quarterback in Brendan Majocha due to Walker graduating. Then, this past year in Derrick's junior year (2019), Gateway's new quarterback was Bryson Venanzio. Bryson was ranked fourth in the WPIAL in passing yards this past season with 2,854. Here's the thing, Bryson will graduate this Spring which means that Derrick will play with a new quarterback in his senior year of high school in Fall 2020. This just proves to show that Gateway can produce successful quarterbacks.

Anyway, what I can tell you right now is that Derrick is going to be heading to a good NCAA Division 1 FBS football school in 2021. The amount of offers that he has received from FBS schools is absolutely unreal to me. Some regular student athletes would be happy just to attend a college somewhere. Seriously, some students flip out when they realize that they got accepted to a decent college or university. Meanwhile, Derrick is just getting offers left and right. Like, he is getting so many Division 1 football offers, that I could only imagine the Division 2 and 3 offers that he is getting as well.

Let me tell you some of the FBS schools that Derrick has offers from. He has offers from Clemson, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, Alabama, Baylor, Duke, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, Pitt, Oklahoma, Syracuse, USC, Wisconsin, Virginia and even West Virginia. For Derrick, this has to be a tough decision for him to make as he can choose to go to any of those football schools knowing that they have all generated great NFL Players and have had great college football success. A lot of these schools that I have listed have won National Championships in the past decade and all these schools have well-known college football head coaches that regular people know about as the media cover those coaches daily.

All I can say is that it is going to be interesting to see which school Derrick decides. Like, Derrick has to be one of the most popular football players in WPIAL history. Can you tell me another WPIAL football player that has had as many FBS offers as Derrick Davis Jr.? I know WPIAL football players such as Phil Jurkovec, Terrelle Pryor, Andrew Kristofic, Tyler Boyd, Michael Carmody, and Darrelle Revis had many FBS offers, but I wonder if it is even similar to the amount of FBS offers that Derrick has received.

I bet Derrick still wants a PIAA football title before he graduates high school in 2021. He'll maybe even get more FBS offers before his senior year. Derrick Davis Jr. is a player that the media likes to talk about and with his ability to make plays on the football field, on both sides of the ball, who would not want to talk about someone who might make the NFL someday?

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