• Brentaro Yamane

Covid-19 Is Ruining The World

At this time, I thought I would be writing be about a PIAA basketball team moving onto the next round of the PIAA playoffs. I even thought, at this time, I would write about an NBA or NHL team that is making a push to the playoffs. Instead, I am writing about a disease that is not only ruining people's health but ruining the rest of the United States of America as well in the Coronavirus.

All that the media is talking about is the coronavirus. It's kind of like pneumonia, but a little different with some other symptoms. There is no medication or cure for the Coronavirus which is what is scaring people. Schools, sporting events, and social gatherings are being cancelled and postponed due to this virus.

People's lives seem to be more affected because of the cancellation of events and not due to the actual virus itself. A lot of sporting events have been postponed like the NBA, NHL, MLB, XFL, and The Masters. Other sporting events such as NCAA basketball conference tournaments, March Madness, and NCAA Spring sports have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. You have to feel bad for senior athletes that play an NCAA sport in the spring because of the idea that their athletic career is over unless they redshirt a year or decide to play sports professionally.

In the state of Pennsylvania, all K-12 schools are currently closed from March 16th through March 27th. Some colleges around Pittsburgh such as the University of Pittsburgh and Robert Morris University are starting to do online classes for the rest of the semester as students who are living on campus have to move out of their dorms by a specific date. Other colleges such as Point Park University and Duquesne University will start doing online classes, as they did not cancel face-to-face classes for the rest of the year just yet.

People have mixed emotions about the virus as there is currently two people in Allegheny County and one person in Washington County that have the Coronavirus. K-12 schools might cancel classes for the rest of the year. Senior athletes that currently play in a PIAA sport, might not be able to play their designated sport this spring due to the coronavirus meaning their high school sports career could be over. It is even possible that seniors might not walk with their classmates to receive their diplomas when the year is over if this Coronavirus becomes worst.

Now, I think the PIAA basketball tournaments, NBA, NHL, MLB, and other sporting tournaments will all resume, it is just a matter of when. For the first time in my life, I am living in a world in where there are absolutely no sporting events to watch. Most of the articles I type, I watch sports. This article that I am currently typing, I am watching the movie Next Friday (2000) which features Ice Cube and Mike Epps. There are absolutely no sports to watch. However, I can tell you right now that I will be playing more sports video games on my PlayStation 4 in the near future due to no sporting events being on. I am definitely thinking about buying MLB 20 The Show on Tuesday because I need to do something during this National Emergency.

Two people that I know were planning to attend the Mid-American Conference Championship game today in Cleveland and the Round of 64 games, the ones that were going to be held in Cleveland, of the NCAA Men's March Madness Tournament. When both of them realized the events were cancelled, their hearts were broke. They were not their same usual selves. They had been waiting for the longest time to go to these events and all of a sudden, the opportunity for them to go were gone. Those two people that I know, had attended at least one NCAA Men's March Madness game for the past nine years, this year would have been the tenth year they would have gone. My heart broke for them.

Covid-19 is affecting the lives of people and is affecting my life too. I usually don't type articles on Saturday night, but tonight I am typing this article. The way we all live our lives will be different for a while. This is a big test for some people, and we will see how long it will last.

Brentaro Yamane: bythebossandgoat@gmail.com and Twitter @BYHilton13



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